Illumenium Support in Vienna ***Cancelled***

Unfortunately this gig was cancelled due to controversy within ILLUMENIUM. All of you, who already had a ticket will of course get back their money.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience!
But don’t worry, our next performance in Vienna will be on the 12th of August, together with Chasepath and Pflichttermin. Don’t miss it!


On the 29th of July we will support the estonian band ILLUMENIUM together with Desert Lake at ((Szene)) WIEN.

ILLUMENIUM was founded in 2014 by former members of a band called Defrage, playing a mixture of rock, blues and metal. Since 2015 they have been touring Europe, future plans are Russia, U.S.A and Australia. Their current tour “Towards Endless” includes more than 16 countries starting from Norway and ending in Russia. Their live show promises to be loud, exciting and full of energy.

Desert Lake is a Viennese Rockband highly influenced by post-grunge. Founded in 2014 they already released their first EP and a live album which make us excited to see them live.

This concert will will be an evening of three bands playing Rock music in combination with very different styles. We are looking forward to this energetic night. See you there!

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