We made it!

After many exciting weeks in the race for the podium at this year’s Planet Festival Tour, the winners are now set. And (spoiler alert) we have actually made it to the podium thanks to your support. Focuside became voted the 6th best, out of a total of more than 120 bands.

Not only could we take home prizes worth of more than 4000€, thank you and your support, we had the blast of our lifes 🙂

We would like to say thank you – thanks to everyone of the 180 and more fans, relatives, friends, etc. who carried us to the finals – and in this manner give something back to you:

  1. Free downloads of all our releases
  2. All T-Shirts 50% off
  3. A exclusive VIP Event  incl. a free full length show only for supporters (Date TBA)

All you need to do is leave a comment below with your name so we can send you the details.

And for everybody else: Our latest single “Demons Inside My Mind” is still availaible for free download. Enjoy 🙂


Here are some shots of the Show:
Photos by Ferdinand Svoboda

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