Demons inside my Mind (Official Lyric Video)

Download for FREE:

voc, git: Katharina Thaller
git, voc: Tom Perry
b: Patrick Peschat
dr: Mira Achter

Recording, Mix, Artwork, Video by Tom Perry
Mastered by Will Quinell, Sterling Sound; NY

Free stock footage used by:
Mitch Martinez –
“Trapped Screaming Face” of Drakondas, hosted by
“Light and Darkness” of Pressmaster, hosted by
“Moon” of AndrVlad, hosted by
“Running Away Underpass” of XnitroX, hosted by
“Desert Dust” by
“Silent Room” by
“Ink Flows UHD9”, hosted by
“Red Ink in Water Slow Motion” of PVP, hosted by
“Orange Particles heavily swirling” by
“Busy Red Bokeh Particles Swirling” by
“Raindrops” by

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